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How does glass add value?

Why is glass best, when it comes to packaging food and beverages? Whether you’re selling drinks, condiments and sauces or fresh, healthy food, download our toolkits to find out why you should be packaging your product in glass, and learn what the container glass industry is doing to support a climate neutral future.


Discover why glass is the best packaging to preserve spirits premium taste.


Perfumes and Cosmetics

Learn why glass is the ideal packaging for perfumes and cosmetic products



Glass and wine have a long history – for preserving wine while delivering on branding, sustainability and consumer experience



Learn why glass is the ideal packaging to keep dairy a firm family favourite


Packaging as a Tool for Product Enhancement

Summary of research paper from researchers Guido Cristini and Cristina Zerbini, the University of Parma, published April 2022.


Why Choose Glass – Interactive Toolkit to Commemorate International Year of Glass

With the International Year of Glass putting glass in the spotlight like never before, discover why glass is the best packaging material – now, and for generations to come.


Business case study: Impact of in-store promotions on brand sales

Can putting the choice of packaging under the spotlight really help to grow a product category at the point of sale? Find out what Carrefour learned from the results of a two-year retail pilot in Spain together with the glass industry – and how they were able to translate an in-store consumer campaign into hard sales.


What are shoppers interested now? – Future Made Clear Report

We researched over 150 trend reports to understand what has been driving consumer behaviour – and where it’s headed in the years to come.


Cooking sauce

Discover why glass packaging is essential for preserving all the flavour and freshness of cooking sauces.


Table sauce

Learn more about the countless benefits of storing table sauce in glass containers.



Find out why consumers prefer beers in glass packaging.


Olive oil

Discover why glass is the best packaging to preserve olive oil’s premium taste.



Learn how glass packaging is contributing to a more sustainable future.

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Let glass be a part of your brand's story. Download our communications toolkits, and let your brand's sustainability commitments shine on the shelves. Before proceeding to download, we just need a bit of information...

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