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Chanel and Pochet join forces for “first high-end” recycled glass perfume bottle

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Chanel and Pochet join forces for “first high-end” recycled glass perfume bottle

Back in 1921, Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel threw perfume design convention to the wind, choosing a bottle for the new N°5 fragrance that pared back all decoration to bring fragrance to the forefront. One hundred years on, CHANEL is again set to exceed expectations with the launch of its new perfume bottle – with a little help from Pochet Group.

In a collaboration with Pochet du Courval, the extra-white glass required by the luxury sector is beginning its ecological transition. On its 100 years of fame, Chanel’s perfume N°5 inaugurates the brand’s new environmental approach, with the launch of the first perfume bottle to incorporate recycled glass while still preserving a look of purity, brightness, and transparency comparable to that of crystal. 

Behind the initiative? A move to match Chanel’s creativity and reputation for excellence with a high-end recycled glass container that shines just as bright as its contents. Glass composition differs, depending on its use: glass used in perfumery is more transparent and high-shine, while recycling can alter its quality. That’s why a new industrial process was needed, developed by Pochet du Courval and its partners, to guarantee recycled glass of the highest quality. 

According to CHANEL, each detail was considered in depth and thoroughly evaluated: the colour, the qualities of transparency, puritylight, as well as the resistance of the glass. Iron particles were removed to maintain perfect transparency in the glass, while Pochet joined forces with a sorter to carry out a “super sorting” of the cullet that used as much recycled glass as possible while guaranteeing the purity of its glass paste. 

After two years of work, Pochet is now able to offer an improved version of its Seva glass, moving to a brand-new recipe that’s made up of 15% glass from household collection. The new limited-edition 100ml bottle of N°5 is the first to make the switch, while the new material will gradually be applied to the other CHANEL perfumes starting in 2022 onwards.  

In the words of the Group Pochet,the result of this collaboration encourages a circular economy, reduces the use of natural resources and lowers the carbon footprint, while maintaining the aesthetic of the legendary perfume.”

High fashion and high impact? Count us in! What’s your favourite CHANEL perfume you would like to see in this new package design? 

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