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Dairy beloved: why dairy and glass are the perfect match

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Dairy beloved: why dairy and glass are the perfect match

Whether it’s a tangy yoghurt for breakfast, an indulgent after-dinner cheese or just a refreshing glass of milk at any time of the day, the endless ways we enjoy dairy make it a long-term staple of the European diet.

Quality dairy products are a part of Europe’s cultural heritage – for cheese alone, more than 300 cheeses are protected by geographical indications. ​But we haven’t stopped exploring our culinary preferences: for younger millennials, there is increasing demand for more adventurous dairy products, like spiced yoghurt dips and alcohol-infused butters. And with people of all ages more proactive about how to improve their health than ever before, this translates into greater interest in fermented dairy products like kefir, as millennials focus more on digestive wellness and gut health.

No matter how we enjoy our dairy best, when it comes to seeking out great products, we’re looking for a clean, natural product – something that stays fresh, with no additional added tastes or smells. More and more, consumers are looking for dairy products and packaging options that are high-quality, healthy and hygienic. That’s where glass comes in.

It’s no ‘cow-incidence’ that dairy is best in glass. Glass is made from natural ingredients – making it scientifically proven to be best for preserving taste and quality.  What’s more, it’s one of the few containers that does not leach chemicals into its contents, making dairy products safer and healthier in glass.​ Forming a natural barrier against external contamination, you can count on glass to safely preserve food and liquids for longer.​​

And, simply put, glass looks good. It helps us connect with our heritage and adds a touch of style to our kitchens. That’s why dairy products packaged in glass continue to appeal to people, generation after generation. As Tina Tarpinian, Head of Marketing, La Fermière, puts it: 

Our containers are our advertising. We stand by the quality of our product, and we let our iconic glass pots do the talking. They’re the first impression that our customers will have of us, and we want to be sure that we evoke a sense of nostalgic quality every time they see us.” 

From a resurgence in nostalgic glass milk bottles, delivered and collected by neighbourhood milkmen, to iconic designs that stand out on the shelves, people want to buy their dairy products in glass and are looking to brands to show them the way. According to a 2020 survey on atittudes conducted by Friends of Glass, 43% of European consumers prefer to buy dairy products in glass – more than any other packaging material! And for those who have already switched their packaging to cut back on their environmental footprint, as many as 59% are buying their dairy in glass. As demand for dairy products grows around the world, so will the market: Europe’s dairy market is forecasted to grow to a value of more than €148 billion by 2026.

So here’s to a dairy industry that will remain strong and healthy for years to come – just like those who indulge in it. And here’s to packing it in glass – the preferred packaging choice for a healthy lifestyle. 

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