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How can the Glass Hallmark add value to your brand?

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How can the Glass Hallmark add value to your brand?

Whether it is a mark, a sign, or a word, symbols have the capacity of communicating ideas by linking visuals to concepts and experiences. But what would a symbol aiming to represent reusability, infinite recyclability and inertness look like? The European Container Glass Federation (FEVE) has produced a symbol designed to capture all these essential elements for a life where we strive to minimize waste – and that’s the Glass Hallmark.

The Glass Hallmark was designed to show brands’ commitment to using glass as part of their sustainability efforts. It symbolises a commitment to use resources wisely, to recycle, to protect, and to work towards achieving a more sustainable future. During our latest live Q&A, we heard the stories of two innovative and creative brands that are among the first to integrate the Glass Hallmark in their bottle designs. Our special guests, Alexander Psztur (co-founder of global food and drinks manufacturer CRUZ GROUP, INC) and Fabiano Toffoli (master brewer and co-founder of beer brand 32 Via dei Birrai) delved into what inspired them to incorporate the Glass Hallmark in their bottle design, as well as how it has helped them take their sustainability commitments and communication efforts one step further. The session was moderated by Adeline Farrelly (Secretary General at FEVE).


Missed the live session? Catch up on LinkedIn or read our event recap below.


Glass packaging shapes brand identity and communicates brand value 

There are several reasons why glass may be the perfect match for your brand. Whether it is for aesthetics, to reach a particular audience, or for more technical reasons around preservation and distribution, chances are glass will do the trick! Take the CRUZ GROUP’s Vigo Kombucha as an example, created together with O-I Glass. According to Alexander Psztur, they specifically chose glass to package their Kombucha as it was the perfect match for their target consumer, which consists of responsible and educated young adults who are savvy about what they consume. While glass promotes sustainability, it also offers a sense of premiumness and prestige, which significantly increases its shelf appeal. Furthermore, glass is a transparent material. It holds no secrets.

Choosing glass packaging can also be for more technical reasons, such as the fact that it is inert and impermeable.

We didn’t want to have any interaction between the live cultures that are inside the product and the packaging. We wanted it to be safe and aseptic. Glass was the only packaging type to meet these criteria” – Alexander Psztur (co-founder of the CRUZ GROUP, INC.)

Overall, packaging reflects brand values, which will directly translate into brand identity. When a brand chooses glass, it conveys the message that they prioritise sustainability, quality, and health, which are all important factors in today’s world.


Why use the Glass Hallmark?

The Glass Hallmark symbolises the commitments we make when we choose glass. During the Q&A, Alexander explains that he decided to implement the Glass Hallmark as it represents sustainability, integrity, and reliability. As Kombucha is a pro-biotic, it was important for the brand to illustrate through their design their commitment to make their packaging and products safe for consumption.

This is a new category – Kombucha in Europe – so we wanted to differentiate. We wanted to create a beacon that is beautiful and aesthetic… that lets the costumer pick it up and look at what’s on the packaging. These are very good explanations as to why we choose the Glass Hallmark” – Alexander Psztur

Similarly, Fabiano explains they wanted to celebrate their love for glass and to communicate the values of glass through their packaging. Seeing good wine destined for curious people as their main competitor, they wanted to stand out with a higher-quality, complex beer through their choice of packaging. Take their 75cl bottles, designed with Verallia – with a sleek and elegant shape, the larger capacity means it can be enjoyed with friends as an aperitivo or after dinner drinks.

“Glass means prestige: I believe everybody can understand that you would never fill a can with an Amarone or a good Chianti! We hope that this symbol will help us to spread the main advantages of glass” – Fabiano Toffoli

In addition to consumer experience and high-quality packaging design, glass can also help brands meet their environmental and social commitments. For example, 32 Via dei Birrai has also incorporated Braille engravings into its bottle to be inclusive of those with visual impairments. Similarly, the Glass Hallmark engraved on the bottles allows consumers to have a sensory experience when touching the symbol.


Ways to integrate the Glass Hallmark in your packaging

The Glass Hallmark is a symbol that you can integrate in the design of your packaging in various ways. For example, the Vigo Kombucha bottles and the 32 Via dei Birrai beer bottles have the symbol engraved on the bottles themselves. However, it can also be printed on the label.


“If customers seek integrity, high-quality sustainable packaging, reliability and a great foundation for meeting brand design criteria, they’ll be happy about the Glass Hallmark. We truly believe it brings best practices to the table when it comes to great, sustainable glass packaging.” – Alexander Psztur

The Glass Hallmark is a way for any brand to show their stance on sustainability, which is an ever-growing topic of interest today. It communicates a brand’s wish to be sustainable, healthy, and safe to and for consumers.

Did you learn anything about the meaning behind the Glass Hallmark? Do you think it can effectively communicate brand identity and brand value? Head over to LinkedIn and let us know!

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What is the Glass Hallmark?

The Glass Hallmark represents the ability of the container glass on which the mark is put to be recycled and to optimally preserve the content as a result of its inert nature. The Glass Hallmark does not express or claim any other product-related characteristic. It is not and official certification stamp. More specifically, the Glass Hallmark does not constitute any other environmental claim implying in any way e.g., that the glass container concerned contains a minimum percentage of recycled glass or it is effectively recycled at the end of its life. For more information, please see


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