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The glass industry is constantly evolving, with new studies published every month. Whether you want to learn about the glass industry, new techniques and innovations, changing consumer behaviour, or what we’re doing to live up to our corporate and social responsibility commitments – we’ve got it covered.

Here’s a snapshot of the key findings and insights from the latest research which touches on glass – a packaging which we all use and love every day.

InSites: Packaging & Recycling survey in 13 countries (2022)

Glass is never waste. And new findings reveal that nearly 8 in 10 consumers view glass as a material fit for the future – one that can help them to live healthier lives, on a healthier planet. People increasing recognise the credentials of glass on bringing both recyclability and health benefits to the table.

InSites: Packaging & Recycling Survey in 13 countries (2021).

Consumer purchasing decisions are increasingly driven by recyclability and environmental considerations, and people are buying more glass than ever before: half of consumers are now buying more products in glass packaging than three years ago. Download the results to find out more.

Fédération des Industries du Verre: Why do consumers prefer wine packaged in glass bottles (2021)?

Turns out how it tastes, how long it keeps for and recyclability are all top drivers.

Ipsos: Consumers want brands to help them reduce their waste (2020).

Consumers believe companies should take responsibility for making their products more sustainable and help them reduce waste. What’s more, a number of consumers have avoided brands in the past because they disagreed with their sustainability practices. 

Ecofus: Applying Clean Label Values to Food & Beverage Packaging (2018).

People aren’t just looking for products that are healthy and green – they’re also looking for packaging that follows those same principles – because packaging is an extension of the brand itself. 

DS Smith: Why European shopping may never be the same post Covid-19 (2020).

Did you know, more than a fifth of consumers would be more likely to buy items online if they came with more sustainable or recyclable packaging?

McKinsey: Sustainability in packaging: Inside the minds of global consumers (2020).

While as a result of the pandemic people are placing more value on food safety and hygiene, sustainability remains an important issue for consumers, who are willing to pay more for greener options.

US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) GRAS statement

Glass is scientifically recognized as the most inert, single-layer food packaging material. It has been classified as safe by the EU (in the regulation REACH) and is also the only widely used packaging material to be classified as “GRAS” (“generally recognised as safe”) by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.


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