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Codorníu and Verallia launch the new Cava 75 Tradition – the lightest and most sustainable Cava bottle yet

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Codorníu and Verallia launch the new Cava 75 Tradition – the lightest and most sustainable Cava bottle yet

Codorníu and Verallia have joined forces to launch the lightest and most sustainable bottle of cava on the market! The new design weighs only 775 grams, saving around 125 grams per bottle, while still guaranteeing the same strength, quality, and elegance.

As Spain’s oldest wine and Cava producer and the world’s largest producer of organic cava, Raventós Codorníu strives to give ‘value to the land’ by reducing their impact on the planet and by guaranteeing that value is regenerated throughout their entire supply chain, from the grape to the bottle. Selling close to 5 million bottles of organic cava each year – 35% of the world market – their goal is to become a 100% organic winery in 2023. To make their bottles even more sustainable and ecological, they have partnered with Verallia to make the new Cava 75 Tradition – the lightest and most sustainable bottle of cava in history.



The Codorníu winery, which produced the first bottle of cava in 1872, is a pioneer in sustainability – a commitment that has driven them to bottle their famous cava in glass – a material that is 100% infinitely recyclable.


Reducing the bottle’s weight and emissions 

The new packaging design will lead to a major decrease in CO2 emissions and glass use. The weight of the bottle has been reduced from 900 grams to 775 grams, while maintaining its unique design. This means that the consumption of 10 million bottles per year will lead to 250 tonnes of glass being saved.

In the words of Sergio Fuster, CEO of Raventós Codorníu:

Sustainability is the centre of our company. We believe in a business model that generates value beyond its own benefit and minimises the impact. We share this commitment with Verallia, which now materialises with the lightening of our Cava bottles, the lightest and most sustainable in history”.

Codorníu will begin by packaging more than half of its cavas using the new bottle design. Over time, they aim to extend its use to all their production. Produced only 75 km away from the city of Cava itself, the new bottles also reduce the company’s carbon footprint in terms of transportation.

Reflecting on the initiative, Paulo Pinto, General Director of Verallia adds: “Our commitment to the environment is strong. Alliances with our clients are a great way to advance in the change towards sustainability and decarbonisation of our industry”. Verallia, one of the main manufacturers of glass for food and beverages, has a strong commitment to society and the environment, with ambitious and clearly defined objectives to achieve its goal of reducing emissions, fighting global warming, and promoting the circular economy.


Raventós Codorníu, with more than 450 years of history, is the oldest wine and cava producer in Spain. They combine tradition with modernity, resulting in innovation and the ability to respond to the growing demand for Cavas and wines. With fifteen emblematic wineries spread over Spain, Argentina and California, Raventós Codorníu is one of the main leaders in viticulture and oenological knowledge.

Verallia is a European leader and the world’s third largest producer of glass packaging for beverages and food products. The company wants to redefine the way glass is manufactured, reused and recycled, to make it the most sustainable packaging material in the world.

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