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Pip & Nut move to glass

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Pip & Nut move to glass

Listening to the feedback from their fans, Pip & Nut collaborated with Ardagh Glass to switch their whole range of nut butters from plastic to embossed glass jars. Hear what’s behind Pip & Nut’s change to glass.

The message from consumers was clear: while nut butters are always tasty, nut butters in glass are even tastier.

Pip & Nut are known for their commitment to “nut butter done better”, so it’s only natural that they would look to make that commitment crystal clear by switching their offerings from plastic packaging to glass jars.

The goal? To showcase the brand’s commitment to sustainability, and to their mission of making nut butter better. And that’s exactly what Ardagh Glass has achieved, pairing up with Pip & Nut to create a new range of bespoke, embossed glass jars. The Pip & Nut glass jars are made from a minimum of 50% recycled glass, and mark the culmination of a two-year journey to create a sustainable jar with a distinctive design. The peanut butter is available in 300g jars and the almond butter in 170g jars.

We always listen closely to what our fans want, and they clearly asked us to move to glass, so we are delighted that day is finally here.  As a brand we have promised our community that we’ll always deliver on Better Nuts, Better Taste, Better Business and this packaging relaunch underlines our commitment to this third pillar and to our overall goal of making nut butter better,” said Pip Murray, Founder of Pip & Nut.  

Following the move into glass, the brand is now furthering their B-Corp promise of ‘better business’ by working on their commitment to setting science-based targets in 2021 to reduce their carbon emissions and align to net zero by 2030.

Healthy, tasty and sustainable. Now, Pip & Nut’s nut butter jars are the perfect addition to any kitchen cupboard – and they’re ideal for reuse.

Ardagh Glass produces glass packaging in all shapes and sizes for the world’s leading brands. As well as offering a choice of 17 colours, we have the resources and expertise to create distinctive and innovative glass packaging that can set a brand apart. Glass protects its contents perfectly, is eye-catching, has a strong shelf presence and expresses a brand’s personality.

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