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Verallia Italia and 32 Via dei Birrai adopt the Glass Hallmark  

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Verallia Italia and 32 Via dei Birrai adopt the Glass Hallmark  

As we all strive for a more sustainable future, people all over Europe are taking more steps to reduce their environmental footprint and becoming more vocal in their expectations that businesses do more to help them make more sustainable choices. But how to combine the quality and uniqueness of a handcrafted local product with increasing needs for more sustainable options? One option is adopting the new glass hallmark on bottles and jars, as Venetian brewer 32 Via dei Birrai has.

This question is at the heart of a new partnership between Verallia Italia and Venetian brewery 32 Via dei Birrai to enhance their product by incorporating the new hallmark glass seal on their latest beer release. The collaboration stems from a mutual desire to make the renewed 32 Via dei bottle Birrai a vehicle for communication – not only to promote the brand’s values, but to underline the brewery’s environmental commitment and the many reasons why we love glass.


The meaning behind the Glass Hallmark

The glass packaging industry has long been a trusted partner for helping businesses act in line with demands from society. The Glass Hallmark is a communication symbol launched in 2020 by FEVE, the European Container Glass Federation to promote the “recyclability” and “inertness” qualities of glass as a material –  bringing to life all the reasons why we love glass.




The Glass Hallmark is a recognizable symbol, representative of the many qualities of a glass container: the ability to store food safely and for longer, to remain waterproof to liquids and microorganisms, maintain sterile storage for liquids and food and, of course, to be recycled endlessly and safely, which allows it to be reborn in another container without any loss of quality or risk to health.  That’s why the new Glass Hallmark is a unique opportunity for brands to connect with consumers on their shared concerns around sustainability and to capture increased value in their products. It’s a symbol of different actors along the supply chain working together to a more sustainable future.

Promoting together the values of glass

32 Via dei Birrai have chosen to imprint the Glass Hallmark on their new bottle’s shoulder – a distinctive sign that contains all the values of glass.

Alessandro Zilli, co-founder and owner of 32 Via dei Birrai explains the idea of incorporating the Glass Hallmark on their bottles immediately pleased the founders of the brewery.

“The bottle that Verallia proposed for our beer is elegant and minimal. Already inclusive thanks to the Braille script, it becomes even more special with the addition of the glass hallmark. After years of activity, we wanted to show our love for glass and its sustainability. We found in Verallia an attentive and proactive partner who offered us what we were looking for!” 

Alessandro Bocchio, Marketing Director Verallia Packaging, also expressed his enthusiasm about the project and his hopes it will lead to more brands adopting the symbol:

“It is important for us to have customers who promote the values of glass and choose to communicate it through the symbol promoted by FEVE of which we are part. We are always careful to promote to our customers the glass’ values that can allow to make their brand promise more valuable. From this exchange, virtuous projects often arise and the new bottle of 32 Via dei Birrai proves it.” 

The bottle belongs to the Selective Line range, Verallia’s sustainable premium brand. Since its creation in 2008, Selective Line has benefitted from Verallia’s unique industrial know-how and promotes differentiation, innovation, and customization in glass creations. The Selective Line Collection compliments the premiumization of the markets for wines, spirits, beers, soft drinks, and oils, while redefining glass production to make it the world’s most sustainable packaging material.

According to Verallia, the collaboration with 32 Via dei Birrai has set the process in motion for the industry to better communicate on the progress made to a more sustainable future. Now it is crucial that other companies follow them on this path, and join them in using glass containers. Because glass is not merely an object for storing and protecting our favourite products, but also a communication tool for our shared values.


32 Via dei Birrai was established in Pederobba, northeast in Italy, in 2006 and was founded by three friends from very different backgrounds who shared an idea: to create a new way of making beer. They are an independent craft brewery that produces high quality beer using 100% Italian raw materials grown in the areas surrounding the facility.

With around 10,000 people and 32 glass production facilities in 11 countries, Verallia is Europe’s largest and the world’s third largest producer of glass containers for food and beverages, providing innovative, customised and environmentally friendly solutions. Verallia aims to redefine the way glass is produced, reused, and recycled to make it the most sustainable packaging material in the world. They work together with customers, suppliers, and other partners throughout the supply chain to develop new healthy and sustainable solutions for everyone.

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