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Verallia reveals the trends in the wine and spirits market for 2023

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Verallia reveals the trends in the wine and spirits market for 2023

Selective Line, Verallia’s high-end international brand, unveils its 2023 Trend Book. It reveals an offer centered on joyful and calm well-being, for oneself and for the others. This Style Book is the result of a collaboration between Carlin Creative agency, the Marketing teams and the Design Centers of Verallia.  “Dynamic creativity and constant innovation is our DNA. Through this project, we are analyzing international socio-cultural habits to translate them into new bottles shapes and decorative techniques to inspire the future packaging of our customers and partners.”, explains Elena Andía, Selective Line Marketing Director.

In response to the geopolitical, economic and health crises, expectations in 2023 will be turned towards daily well-being. Individuals will need to take care of themselves and others, but also to be guided more simply to facilitate their choices of consumption.

“The two trends for 2023 responds to two very different and yet so complementary aspects of well-being. The ‘Rejoy’ trend focuses on playful tweaks to improve everyday living, while the ‘Off-time’ trend expresses a sustainable soothing for restorative well-being” explains Géraldine Bouchot, trends and forecasting editorial director at Carlin Creative.

To respond to each of these trends, new standard bottle shapes as well as new inspirations and decorative techniques produced by Saga Décor (France) and Verallia Polska (Poland) have been imagined.

Discover an opening of trends Selective Line 2023



Playful tweaks to improve everyday living

From left to right: Oaxaca and Bilbao shapes

From left to right: Oaxaca and  Bilbao shapes


In the face of an increasingly complex world, consumers are being pulled in many directions, between eco-responsible injunctions and pleasure. In 2023, they will seek to be guided in their choices in a more simple and playful way. Indeed, they will want to know the real impact of their consumption, to recover a sense of pleasure and convivial dimension.

In the beverage market, the offer will focus on inclusive packaging and communication that adapts to consumers. In style, playful and bright colors will be in the spotlight, affixed to geometric shapes and bold design choices.

Composed by several flat sides, the new Oaxaca bottle offers a bold premium geometrical design.

Regarding the Bilbao, its shape stands out for its curvy charisma. Slender, tapered and featuring double shoulders, its bold lines are charming.

The Prosecco decor, developed by Saga Decor, meets the need of inclusiveness: it can be read in Braille and in colours.




Sustainable soothing for restorative well-being

From left to right: Ridged Ys, Sleek Ys and Como shapes


In response to this changing world, but also to the efficiency and speed-oriented innovations, consumers will want to quell the ambience and return to a sense of global well-being. They will want to step outside the world of algorithmic performance.

In the beverages market, the offer will be focused on sustainability, exploration and the mental or physical health.

In style, the ‘Off-time’ trend will result in soothing colors with soft tones. The forms will be organic, endowed with a singular elegance.

The shape Ys, in its two versions, sleek or ridged, has all the makings of a  high-end  showcase  for  still wines. It harmoniously combines slender, generous lines, with a tall neck, tall shoulders, and an extended push-up.

The Como shape subtly reproduces the ripples of water into the design to facilitate the handling. It offers a new statutory and ergonomic standard for sparkling wines.

The Gin decor, developed by Verallia Polska, gently plays with gradations to reveal a singular elegance.


Discover an opening of trends Selective Line 2023


Verallia’s  purpose is to re-imagine glass for a sustainable future. We want to redefine how glass is produced, reused and recycled, to make it the world’s most sustainable packaging material. We are joining forces with our customers, suppliers and other partners across the value chain to develop beneficial and sustainable new solutions for all. With around 10,000 employees and 32 glass production facilities in 11 countries, we are the European leader and the world’s third-largest producer of glass packaging for beverages and food products. We offer innovative, customised and environmentally friendly solutions to over 10,000 businesses worldwide. In 2021, Verallia produced more than 16 billion glass bottles and jars and posted revenue of €2.7 billion.

 Selective Line is Verallia’s international premium brand for glass bottles. Since its creation in 2008, Selective Line has benefitted from Verallia’s unique industrial know-how and cultivates differentiation, innovation and customization to accompany its customers in their glass creations. A resolutely inspired brand.

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