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Verallia’s high-end brand ‘Selective Line’ blends aesthetics and environment to reimagine glass packaging

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Verallia’s high-end brand ‘Selective Line’ blends aesthetics and environment to reimagine glass packaging

Verallia reimagine traditional glass packaging for the Selective Line Stylebook 2022 by converting international socio-cultural habits into decorative techniques and new glass bottle shapes. The Stylebook is presented to partners, design agencies and consumers to inspire them in their future creations and bring them in line with the latest trends. 

Packaging design serves as a first impression as the first point of contact your product has with the consumer, it can make or break a purchase decision. All too often, it determines whether a consumer buys your product or turns to the competition. This makes packaging one of the most important foundations of a brand’s visual identity, because consumers judge a book by its cover – something the Verallia Group knows very well. 

Verallia has been publishing an annual stylebook with forecasts on international design and glass packaging trends for ten years, positioning itself as a major high-end brand in the glass packaging sector. The Selective Line Collection goes hand in hand with the premiumisation of the markets for still and sparkling wines, spirits, beers, soft drinks and oils, by offering one of the most comprehensive product catalogues on the market to differentiate and enhance the image of brands.  

In 2023, the company sees a clear pattern – art will occupy a central place in our daily lives. Brands that harness the power of art to make their packaging design more aesthetically pleasing and versatile don’t just stand out on store shelves, but also connect emotionally with consumers. A stylish and trendy packaging design that exudes quality and exclusivity fulfils consumers’ demand for premiumisation. That’s why artistic inspiration has been incorporated in the new Carnet de Style. 

No other packaging material than glass can better attract attention and appeal to the emotional side of consumers. It can be made into almost any shape, colour, and texture imaginable, helping to create a unique and authentic brand that reflects the excellence of the product inside. Having identified the latest trends, Verallia Group has fused aesthetics and international socio-cultural habits to create new premium glass packaging designs and decorations.  

“The challenge was to bring together aesthetics and the environment. To achieve this, we defined two trends: ‘Pavane’, which is the art of cultivating elegance, and ‘Happening’, which is the art of awakening consciences” says Géraldine Bouchot, editorial director of trends and forecasting at Carlin Creative. 

The creators of the Selective Line Stylebook 2022 aim to re-imagine the traditional glass standards of tomorrow and inspire the future creations of customers and partners. The 2023 art trends ‘Pavane’ and ‘Happening’ are combined with environmental elements to create decorative techniques that bring new glass bottles to the front of the shelves. 

Aesthetics, environment and everyday functionality in one package? That’s what makes glass the preferred packaging choice for generations of consumers, today and well into the future.    


As the European leader and the world’s third largest producer of glass packaging for beverages and food products, Verallia wants to redefine the way glass is manufactured, reused and recycled, to make it the most sustainable packaging material in the world. With 32 glass plants, 3 decor plants and 9 cullet (glassware) processing centers in 11 countries, we manufacture 16 billion glass bottles and jars each year to supply 10,000 companies, from local family producers to major international brands.  

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