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With Bormioli Luigi, choose the sustainable packaging that fits your perfume brand

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With Bormioli Luigi, choose the sustainable packaging that fits your perfume brand

Expectations on brands and retailers to meet sustainability demands are growing, and the whole value chain is rising to that challenge in turn. That’s why prestige perfume glassmaker Bormioli Luigi is continually expanding their range of eco-designed products and improving their ecological performance throughout the manufacturing process, for glass flacons that deliver on outstanding quality and sustainable brilliance.  

The most recent Bormioli Luigi innovations have led to a line of products from which companies can choose and combine to establish their “sustainable” added value, in a way that best suits their brand. So what stands out in the catalogue? 

When it comes to sustainable manufacturing, Bormioli Luigi intends to dedicate a furnace for their 40% PCR integrated cosmetics and perfumery products. They have also developed the new “Le Rechargeable” – a glass jar with a removeable and refillable 50 ml glass cup. Additionally, three new containers are in store for make-up brands wanting to combine eco-design with style, including a reloadable lipstick tube and anti-UV glass which incorporates filtering agents into the glass body itself.  


But what about the production process of these products? How do they improve the sustainability in the manufacturing of their glass containers? In addition to their choice to use electric fusion, their efforts to generate less waste and reduce the amount of water and energy being used have paid off. Bormioli Luigi’s factories in their beauty division in Parma and Abbiategrasso are among the 1% most sustainable manufacturing sites in the world. 

In the words of Beauty Business Unit Director Simone Baratta:

our experience over the last few months has affirmed our conviction that we needed to shift things up a gear, especially regarding sustainability, which is undeniably a driver in today’s beauty sector. And that’s exactly what we did: 2020 ultimately became a standby period that allowed us to finalize several ongoing eco-projects related to process and product innovation.”  

The company will have a key role to play in supporting a proactive recovery and is getting ready to do so. What new product are you most curious about?  

Discover more about Bormioli Luigi’s collection of ecological products. 

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