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Beatson Clark and ManiLife’s nut butter spreads the love for premium packaging  

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Beatson Clark and ManiLife’s nut butter spreads the love for premium packaging

ManiLife pride themselves on the quality of their peanut butter, so finding a packaging to reflect the value of their brand was important. That’s why they chose to partner with Beatson Clark, who prioritise quality and innovative designs in all their glass bottles and jars. Glass is a natural, healthy way to store food and drink products, maintaining the peanut butter’s quality and flavour for longer. 

Peanut butter is a culinary staple and household favourite across the globe, with recipes even dating back to early civilisations. Made by grinding peanuts into a thick paste, the health benefits and taste profile of peanut butter is based on a variety of factors: the quality of the nuts; the roasting methods; the ingredients added to the recipe – and of course, the packaging itself.  

A spoonful of luxury 

As the trend of affordable luxuries continues to rise, consumers are increasingly searching for little indulgences to brighten up their day-to-day lives. ManiLife’s peanut butter promises to do exactly that. Priding themselves on producing ‘the champagne of peanut butters’, their product is made with the highest-grade peanuts grown and hand-selected, before being deep roasted and transformed into the award-winning peanut butter that’s made their name. From humble beginnings filling jars in a rugby club kitchen, ManiLife peanut butter is now sold in thousands of UK stores including Waitrose, Sainsburys, Tesco and Ocado, and the brand has partnered with leading names like Gousto, Hotel Chocolat and Leon. 

And a high-quality product deserves high-quality packaging that will protect and preserve the product from external influences until it’s ready to be consumed. That’s why ManiLife has partnered with Beatson Clark to create a bespoke 275g white flint glass jar that truly reflects their brand’s ethos and allows the quality of their product to shine through.  

What’s more, glass packaging is not just an added luxury. While all nut butters are best stored at room temperature, many packaging materials do nothing to protect their contents from temperature changes in the outside environment. Glass is different. Impermeable and inert, it ensures that food products don’t perish or react with their external environment – or with the packaging itself. And switching away from plastic tubs has already brought positive customer feedback 

Stu Macdonald, ManiLife’s founder, noted “our customers like the fact that we’ve moved from plastic to glass, for a wide range of reasons. The jar looks bigger and more premium, and the customer experience has improved significantly, so we’ve definitely seen an increase in sales as a result.”

Beyond their shared ambition to ensure quality inside and out, Beatson Clark and ManiLife are closing the gap between production, supply and consumption, lowering the carbon footprint. The premium nuts are roasted and blended in small batches, before being packaged in glass locally and sent to thousands of supermarkets across the country. Using British glass suppliers reduces transport miles and ensures a reliable supply of the product consumers around the UK have come to love. 

ManiLife five different types of peanut butter in glass jars

A new standard of recycling  

And that’s not all. All glass packaging is 100% endlessly recyclable, and will never lose its quality. Beatson Clark’s new white flint glass is made with 36% post-consumer recycled materials, so brands can ensure that their packaging is sustainable and fit for the future. With their on-site recycling plant, Beatson Clark ensures they will always have a readily available, reliable supply of recycled glass cullet that they can melt in their furnaces to create new bottles and jars.  

“Glass is the most sustainable packaging material you can choose, so it makes sense for ManiLife to move its products into these bespoke glass jars.” – Charlotte Pike, Beatson Clark.

There are many reasons for choosing glass, from responding to consumer and industry concerns about sustainability to seeking a luxury option that reflects brand ethos and strengthens identity. With ManiLife’s customers embracing their move to glass packaging and other brands in the food sector following in their footsteps…. will yours be next in spreading the love? 


ManiLife started in 2015 when its founder Stu Macdonald moved to Argentina and met a family who owned a peanut estate in Córdoba. The company still sources all its peanuts from this estate to this day. From humble beginnings filling jars in a rugby club kitchen, ManiLife peanut butter is now sold in thousands of UK stores including Waitrose, Sainsburys and Ocado. 

Beatson Clark is a glass manufacturer with over 270 years of experience. Known for their high-quality bottles and jars, they are committed to boosting recyclability and innovative design. Not only do they offer their very own in-house design team offering a tailored service, but also an on-site recycling plant that processes around 42,000 tonnes of recycled glass cullet per year. 

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