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Baralan’s new airless glass packaging

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Baralan’s new airless glass packaging

With the European Commission’s upcoming Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation (PPWR) proposal, brands are looking for lighter packaging materials to help reduce waste across their supply chains, while offering qualitative protection and designs for their products. One possible solution is cosmetics packaging producer Baralan’s newly launched range of DEA glass containers, specifically designed to better preserve a product’s integrity as well as reducing packaging waste.

Brands are always looking to find lighter or reduced packaging materials that do not compromise the chemical composition of the products themselves, and Baralan’s Developing the Evolution of Airless (DEA) glass containers are among the first of their kind to address this demand.

Single layer packaging is a trend that is becoming increasingly popular, and innovative solutions like Baralan’s new container are the perfect example of glass’s role as a leader of this movement. With no internal plastic layer required, the container is a safe, functional, and sustainable new packaging material that has the quality and unique design features associated with glass packaging.

Designed to be innovative and customisable

Baralan’s range has been designed to be adaptable to several different purposes and is incredibly versatile. These containers can be customised with various different decoration techniques. The colour and properties of the product itself are also emphasised through the transparent glass packaging material, providing an aesthetic appeal for the products inside.

The DEA range of containers is offered in two different versions: classic and premium. Both styles can be designed to be either single-use or refillable, adapting to the requirements and properties of the product itself. Removing the layer of internal plastic does not compromise the quality of the packaging, and this new concept gives rise to many new design opportunities and potential for further innovation.

Glass is the perfect material for a brand to shape their identity through unique packaging designs. It is not surprising that consumers overwhelmingly find glass to be the safest packaging, the best at preserving the quality, scent, and other properties, as well as giving the most premium feel to a product. This luxurious look that comes from packaging products in glass helps brands stand out on the shelves.

Airless glass packaging protects from the inside and out

Not only does the airless design of these containers ensure that the product’s ingredients are better protected from the external environment, glass is also an inert, safe and healthy packaging material. Made from naturally occurring materials, glass has added health benefits, as it does not require any added chemicals that may potentially react with the product, compromising its integrity.

Baralan’s new series of airless glass containers is designed to be a more sustainable packaging solution and represent a shift in packaging trends for brands to offer lighter and more sustainable options. This innovative packaging reduces the total materials necessary without compromising on functionality.

Sustainable packaging, from design to creation

The DEA range of containers is a sustainable packaging option from design to creation, as the manufacturing process has also been designed with the intent to reduce energy consumption. This new packaging evolution reduces the overall weight of the packaging by limiting the quantity of materials used.

By exploring new packaging solutions, Baralan is paving the way for a new trend in airless containers and allowing other brands to follow in their footsteps. Their new DEA containers confirm the reputation of glass as a sustainable packaging material fit for the future, offering ample opportunity for innovation.


Baralan is an Italian manufacturing company who focus on being at the forefront of the cosmetics packaging industry, combining sleek, dynamic Italian designs with innovative primary packaging solutions. Their containers prioritise quality and understand that a product’s packaging should both protect and enhance the product itself.

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