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Sustainable Luxury: Verescence’s New MOON and GEM Glass Packaging Solutions

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Sustainable Luxury: Verescence’s New MOON and GEM Glass Packaging Solutions

Verescence, one of the leading manufacturers of glass packaging for the perfumery and cosmetics industries, has launched two new sustainable and luxurious glass packaging solutions called MOON and GEM. Developed in partnership with renowned designer De Baschmakoff, these lightweight glass bottles demonstrate intricate designs that showcase Verescence’s technical expertise in creating sustainable luxury glass packaging.

Consumers are increasingly mindful of their buying habits with respect to sustainability. According to our latest research, almost 80% of consumers consider glass to be a sustainable material for the future and 4 in 5 of those surveyed agreed that companies have a moral obligation to use sustainable packaging.

Glass is among the most sustainable packaging options available, and the industry is continually seeking ways to improve its sustainability credentials even further. One such approach is lightweighting, which entails reducing the weight of glass packaging while preserving its quality and other benefits, such as:

  • Reducing transportation costs by requiring less fuel for transport
  • Improving sustainability by reducing raw material usage, energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions
  • Enhancing consumer convenience as lighter glass is easier to handle

Next to its sustainability credentials, glass plays a crucial role in distinctive product branding. As we look for ways to reduce our environmental footprint, it is important to continue to recognize glass’ ability to capture the attention of consumers. Verescence has artfully combined lightweighting methods with luxury, resulting in the creation of two stunning new designs.


Two perfume glass bottles in light blue and navy blue


The MOON bottle is an organic-shaped glass container with an off-centre neck and symmetrical face that offers a comfortable grip. It weighs only 106 grams and can hold 100 ml of liquid. Meanwhile, the GEM bottle features an octagonal face with sharp angles, resembling a precious gem. It weighs 97 grams and can also hold 100 ml of liquid. Both bottles have refillable SNI 15 screw necks, and they come with personalised mono-material LegnaPin caps made by Minelli Spa, a premium wood component maker.


Blue glass perfume bottle with MOON written on it


Verescence’s MOON and GEM bottles are a perfect combination of luxury and sustainability. The company’s 120 years of glass expertise and unique geographical footprint have enabled them to provide high-quality, environmentally friendly, and innovative solutions to the world’s largest beauty market players.

Verescence’s new glass packaging solutions is a testament to their ability to merge technical know-how and creativity to produce sustainable glass packaging solutions that promote sustainability while helping their clients stand out in a competitive market.


ABOUT VERESCENCE: Verescence is one of the leading manufacturers of glass packaging for the Perfumery and Cosmetics industry and has a production capacity of 600 million bottles per year. Verescence supplies its customers with glass through high-quality, environmentally friendly and innovative solutions. The company has over 120 years of glass expertise and a unique geographical footprint (4 glass production sites and 5 finishing sites in France, Spain, the United States and South Korea), making it the partner of choice for the world’s largest beauty market players.

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